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“The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need!”

Bertrand McHenry, author and radio host, recently hit three separate best-seller lists with the new book “The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need.”

Bertrand McHenry, known as “The Referral Marketing Master”, recently joined Sales and Motivational Guru, Brian Tracy and a select group of business experts and entrepreneurs to collaborate and co-write the business and marketing book titled The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need. The book was released by CelebrityPress™

The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need was released on Thursday, March 8th, 2012 and features top advice from leading entrepreneurs, and marketing experts from around the world. The authors share their insights, and secrets to maintaining a thriving business in any kind of economy. Bertrand McHenry contributed a chapter titled “In The Referral Marketing/Networking Lab.”

On the day of release, The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need reached best-seller status in three categories – reaching as high as #2 in the Direct Marketing category. Also reaching best-seller status in the Entrepreneurship and Business Management categories.

Bertrand McHenry is a published author, hosts a weekly CBS radio show called “Business Builders Radio”, and is the President/Owner of the Referral Institute of Houston – a referral marketing training company. He takes Referral Marketing from a “soft art” to a “hard science” which transforms it to an absolute Hard Edged Economic Driver and if implemented will double earnings! He takes entrepreneurs and business owners and applies his 3 core competencies to their goals: 1) Making sure they get the right Referral Marketing Education. 2) Accountability and Immersion in the information and actions, and 3) Getting their networks trained by the experts to bring them business. Pairing Referral Institute information and curriculum with these 3 core competencies is a combination that is transforming revenue, earnings, income and lives!


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